Superior grade Nitinol that comes from closely controlling the manufacturing process, beginning with the Nitinol melt

Ingpuls Medical is a partnership between Resonetics, a global leader in advanced engineering and manufacturing solutions for the medical device industry, and Ingpuls, a manufacturer of novel, low inclusion shape memory alloys based in Bochum, Germany. With nitinol ingot supplied by Ingpuls, Ingpuls Medical plans to develop and produce high-quality nitinol tubing, wire, sheet, and powder for the medical device industry leveraging Ingpuls’ innovations in shape memory alloy materials and Resonetics’ expertise in tubing fabrication and nitinol processing.

The partnership of the two companies is driven by the desire to improve the material quality of Nitinol available to the medical market. With a commitment to manufacture industry leading raw material that will enable medical companies to develop better products that improve patient outcomes. The cooperation between the companies follows a holistic approach and a common value system. With respect, integrity, innovation, and quality, Ingpuls Medical is eliminating the boundary between the classic material manufacturer and the developer of medical devices so that nitinol material can be developed with a focus on manufacturability and the end product.


Ingpuls medical is focused on serving our customers’ needs with quality, speed, respect and open communication.


We dissolve the boundary between material and medical device manufacturing so that the material is developed with a focus on manufacturability and the end use.


We will work together with our customers to meet their nitinol raw material needs.


Resonetics is headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA. They are a global leader in advanced engineering, prototyping, automation, and micro-manufacturing that enables the life sciences industry to quickly develop breakthrough medical devices by leveraging a unique combination of the LightSpeed Applications Development Lab, Automated Solutions, and Enterprise Excellence. The company has 13 facilities across the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Israel, and Switzerland.


Established in 2009 as a spin-off of the Institute for Materials at Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, Ingpuls develops and produces customer-specific alloys and components from nitinol and other shape memory alloys. The company has evolved from materials consultant to development service provider to ISO 9001:2015 certified high-volume manufacturer in 2016. Ingpuls cutting-edge materials are used in critical components for the automotive industry. To date, several million vehicles of a global leader in premium automobiles have been equipped with shape memory alloy actuators from Ingpuls. Other applications can be found in the industrial, building technology, consumer electronics, and aerospace markets.

Two companies, one common drive

We want to significantly increase the material quality in the market for Nitinol – that is our drive!

“We see in the cooperation with Resonetics a total fit in terms of scientific expertise and shared values such as customer focus, innovation and agility!

The joint cooperation perfectly maps the customer’s needs: from the ability to deliver, to the speed in providing individual products, to the quality of the material.”

Christian Großmann
Ingpuls GmbH

“We have been impressed by the advance-ments Ingpuls has made in the purity of their nitinol material and the potential it offers to enhance the performance and life of critical medical device implants and components. Along with their extensive experience in metallurgy, the three founders at Ingpuls bring a passion for quality & speed that aligns perfectly with our culture at Resonetics.”

Kevin Hartke
Resonetics, LLC


What differentiators result from the joint collaboration?

Material Quality

Ingpuls’ expertise in Nitinol research and development and materials manufacturing will be joined with Resonetics’ competence in Nitinol component manufacturing for medical devices. Both companies will eliminate the wall between materials and device manufacturing by thinking the properties from alloy formulation to the function of the final device.


Rapid turnaround will not only be achieved with standard materials. Flexibility and variability of the alloy composition will be a hallmark of Ingpuls Medical’s activities. Responsiveness and service orientation relentlessly support the needs of the customer. Customers will benefit by enjoying shortened development cycles.

Innovative Power

Research and innovation will enhance Nitinol properties allowing the customers to introduce devices with superior properties.

Focused investments into processing, testing and quality control equipment will secure and extend the advantage in the medical market.